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FP&A as a Service

Mission Capital, LLC - Consulting that Specializes in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Business Intelligence, and Transaction Advisory Services.

About Me

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Hi, I'm Chris.  I'm an experienced private equity professional and expert with financial models and business intelligence.  I have helped businesses doing billions in revenue identify and distill their most critical business drivers into user-friendly formats that enable management teams to take action to improve their businesses.

My specialty is being able to get "into the weeds" of a project, while also being able to communicate the big picture and insight to management teams and boards.

Ideal Clients

  • Operating Company that wants help with Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) to better understand its underlying business drivers and make data-driven decisions about the P&L and Balance Sheet

  • Private Equity Firm, Independent Sponsor, or Strategic Acquirer that needs assistance evaluating a transaction or working through post-closing initiatives

  • High Net Worth individual considering an investment in or purchase of a small-to-mid-sized business


"​We engaged Mission Capital to retool all FP&A outputs across our business.  These outputs included our annual operating plan, 13-week cash flow, weekly KPIs, and monthly financial package.  Chris was able to quickly understand and summarize the key drivers across multiple business lines and produce unparalleled end products with impressive fidelity, speed, and accuracy.  Each output was distilled into a user-friendly format that de-risked the chance of future error.  The overall level of precision was extraordinary and exemplified a paragon of financial modeling and reporting excellence.  Overall, I highly recommend his services and would absolutely use him again if future needs arise."


Aaron Sallade

CFO - BiggerPockets

"​In the process of scaling up our firm, my partners and I needed to add some meaningful modeling bandwidth while chasing multiple add-on acquisitions.  Chris listened to our needs and developed a detailed bottoms up M&A model faster than we expected, with the thoughtful customization wanted.  Mission Capital is a compelling value proposition for folks with serious modeling needs and limited ability/desire to hand-hold.  We will be seeking Chris’ help again very soon."


Mac Hampden, CFA

Partner - Fruition Partners

"​We retained Chris to develop a detailed budget model involving multiple product lines and company divisions.  He also created a monthly financial reporting package to help us track progress against the budget.   He did a terrific job on both projects and his many helpful suggestions made the end product very efficient and user friendly for our team.  He worked closely with both our accounting and operations groups and the feedback on Chris was very positive.  We intend to keep Chris involved in our monthly financial review process going forward."


Samuel Simpson

CEO - Northern Agri Holdings

"​Our management team analyzes 20 plus real estate development deals a year and runs multiple scenarios on each project.  The pro formas we used were cumbersome and time consuming.  Chris evaluated our critical requirements and developed programs to improve the quality of our anticipated returns and simplicity for management to use.  My team is ecstatic with the results and uses the models on a daily basis.  Chris is on our speed dial for future projects."


Timothy Harkins

President - The Miller Group

Please send an email to get in touch:

Example Engagements

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) financial modeling - comprehensive "operating models" built from the ground up to manage the entire company.

  • Leveraged buyout (LBO) financial modeling - assessing the impact of purchasing a business.

  • Add-on acquisition financial modeling - assessing the impact of a "platform" business acquiring another company.

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) financial modeling - valuation based on a review of future cash flows.

  • 13-Week Cash Flow (TWCF) financial modeling - short term cash forecasting.

  • Private Equity and Strategic Buyer transaction diligence - as-needed review of data room content.

  • Budgeting for Private Equity portfolio companies - "bottoms-up" budget build for portfolio companies owned by private equity firms.

  • Weekly or Monthly "Flash Reports" - usually weekly "flash" info to show how the company performed last week.

  • Sales and Cost analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Commercial and Residential deal evaluation models

Why Choose an Independent Consultant?

​If you choose to work with a large firm, your project can be passed between teams or through deep organization structures with cost layer after cost layer along the way.  Senior Managing Directors can charge as much as $1,300 per hour.  Add a few team members and suddenly your one hour kick-off call can cost more than your mortgage.


When you choose to work with me, you’re working directly with the decision maker and the person who does the work. There’s no ambiguity or burdensome overhead costs. My brand is my reputation, and I will work tirelessly to ensure I’ve added value to your company.


Want to learn something astonishing?  According to one study which polled nearly 2,000 office workers in the UK, the average person only spends 2 hours and 53 minutes being productive each day.  That means if you were to hire someone full time, you could potentially pay them nearly 2/3 of their salary per year to do nothing.

While every project is different, on average I have found that the demands of a "40 hour employee" can be completed in 20 hours or less each week.  By the way, sometimes the weekly requirement is zero!  Think about how much dead cost goes into a full-time employee on a slow week.

As an hourly contractor you can be assured that every dollar you pay me is for time I am spending directly on adding value to your business and nothing else.  There is no dead time or cost - I am experienced and efficient, and when the work is done, it's done.

Lastly, there's no onboarding, training, finders fees, bonuses, or benefits.  It's simple 1099 work that greatly reduces cost and complexity for your business.


  • My standard rate is $315/hour

  • Monthly retainers are discussed on a case-by-case basis

Additional Value for Private Equity Clients

  • I don't take any of your equity or carried interest

  • If I work on a portfolio company, my cost can be added back to Adjusted EBITDA

Contact Information

To get in touch, please send me an email at

It goes directly to my phone and I will get in touch with you right away.

The Lighter Side - What Does "Mission" Mean?

"Mission" has a dual meaning for me.  It first came from my father when I was a boy - anytime we had to accomplish a task, we were "on a mission."  This is something I've carried down to my two young boys today, and the Mission logo was designed to resemble (slightly) a children's learning block.


The second is the approach I take to my work.  I am efficient, tactical, and precise.  Together we figure out the objective, and I am laser-focused on the task until its done.

Together, these two meanings communicate my work style to clients and always keep the silver lining in perspective.

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